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CarX Street Mod APK

  • 1.3.3
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Additional Information

Racing Games
Google Play ID
4.2 (1,112 Reviews)
CarX Technologies, LLC
MOD Features
1. Unlimited Money
2. Speed & Nitro
3. Unlimited Gold
4. Unlimited XP
5. All Cars Unlocked
May 30, 2024

Old Versions of CarX Street mod APK

Carx Street Mod APK is a recently launched street racing game by Carx Technologies LLC. The game has been gaining immense popularity among passionate street racers and gamers due to its outstanding gameplay and practical graphics. If you are a true racer by heart, you will undoubtedly love the thrill, swift swerves, and dramatic collisions.

CarX Street

The Carx Street developers did an amazing job of focusing on tiny details and adding graphics to give it a real-life feel. The gameplay is fairly simple. The aim is to win under any circumstances. There are essentially four gaming modes that have different storylines and rules. If you win the race, you will be rewarded with a top place on the leaderboard and additional bonus points. These bonus points will come in handy to purchase your dream car. Want to watch live TV while playing the game? Try TiviMate Premium.

All you need to win is a top-notch speedy car, a good game plan, experience racing on different tracks and under diver weather, and a winning mindset. Carx Street puts several challenges and tournaments to give players endless opportunities to earn bonus points. Travel the world and conquer it all with Carx Street Mod APK. Download Now!

CarX Street Mod Features

Unlimited Money

By using the Carx Street Mod APK , you can get as many products to upgrade your cars for zero penny. You can buy or customize top-notch expensive cars for free. 

Additional Fun Modes

Although the game is already occupied with some of the best gaming modes, there is one special mode that is only available for Carx Street Mod APK users. Campaign mode is here to make the game a bit more interesting. In this mode, you will have to choose short and narrow tracks to prevent you from getting lost.

Earn the tile on the Leaderboard

Carx Street Mod APK is an online racing game where you can play along with several other players from different parts of the world. This can be an exciting tournament to show off your skills and win the game. The winner will have their name on top of the leaderboard.

Restriction Free Rides

The greatest feature of the game is that there is absolutely no storyline, no rules, and no restrictions. You can make your own gameplay and choose your destination, themes, and challenges. If you prefer a storyline, there are some modes where you can enjoy them.

Experience a Thrilling Cop Chase

Wouldn’t you love a good cop chase? I am sure you would like to give the lawbreakers a run for their money. The modified version of the game has gameplay where you have to drive as fast as possible to catch the criminals at any cost. This mode is incredibly fun and a great cop chase which you can only access by having the Carx Street Mod APK.

Want to try the non modified version of CarX Street? Download CarX Street APK

CarX Street Usual Features

1. Realistic Graphics And Impressive Sound System 

Developers of Carx Street have leveled up the racing experience by creating incredibly realistic graphics. Racing games become fun when you can actually feel the thrill of speeding and hearing the strong dramatic engine echo. You can feel every curve and every brake tremendously. Like real life, you will enjoy crazy speeding, deadly collisions, and exciting stunts.

2. Multiple Gaming Modes

To keep the users inclined and invested throughout the game, there are four different gaming modes. Drift mode, timer mode, police mode, and racing mode. All modes have one thing in common, which is to be the first one to reach the finish line. In addition, there are also campaign modes and free ride modes to increase the fun. The modes are similar to what we’ve seen in fifa mobile mod apk.

3. Challenge Your Online Friends

The game becomes exciting when you challenge players from around the world to compete with you. You can choose destinations with the most crime rate and play police mode to catch the most criminals.

4. Vast Collection Of Cars 

If you are a passionate racer, you must definitely dream of owning a race car like Lamborghini, Ferrari, Maserati, and so many more. Well, here’s your chance at owning it, even if it’s for a fictional world. Carx Street Mod APK has more than 40 cars, including some world-famous ones. Before choosing a car, focus on its specifications and your aim to get your perfect one.

5. Travel The World And Conquer It All

In Carx Street Mod APK, you can travel the world and choose your track. You can go anywhere in America, Europe, and its states, and Asia. Racing in these unknown track conditions and diverse weather will enhance your racing and navigation skills. The trick is to educate yourself about different states’ weather and strategize a plan to win.

6. Customize Cars As Per Your Preference 

You can improve your car style by changing its engine and other car parts. A word of advice: Look for the parts that will serve your purpose and maintain speed. Moreover, you can choose any color from the given diverse color palette. Customize it according to your favorite car model. 

7. Unlock Impressive Bonuses By Winning 

If you think the incredible racing experience was the bonus, wait till you earn worthwhile bonuses as a reward for your hard work. The aim of these races and tournaments is to win them effortlessly. By winning the game, you will get points that you can use to buy car parts and other accessories to upgrade your car. You can also use it to get another car. If you think winning these bonuses will be hard and a one-time thing, then you are in for a surprise. The game features several tournaments and easy challenges every few days giving the player endless opportunities to cash out their skills and earn points.

Pros & Cons

  • Easy Accessibility

What makes the game exciting and fun are it’s simple and easy to use controls. All you need is practice and smooth control over your movements, and you can be a pro Carx Street racer.

  • Unlimited Features

Carx Street Mod APK comes with unlimited racing modes and enthralling challenges that will have you invested till the end. Who doesn’t like to win and lead? You can have it all by using your exceptional drifting skills in the most pressured and significant games and defeating your opponents. We have great news for Roblox players who want to take their play to the next level. Delta exploit has been released.

  • Attractive Gameplay

Racers and sports lovers will definitely appreciate Carx developers for providing impressive gameplay. The engine working, the intense drift sound, and the overall effortless physics applied on cars give off an unbelievably realistic experience.

  • Quick Download and Third Party Sources

The immediate benefit of installing the Mod APK version of the game is getting a swift download. You will not have to wait long before you can play the game. We keep the download file on the fastest servers. Moreover, you can bookmark this blog for future use as per your liking. You can access any version at any time.

  • No Automatic Update

You will have to manually install new updates as the game will not automatically update because it is not linked with Google Play Store.

How to install Carx Street Mod APK

The original version of the game Carx Street can be downloaded directly from the Google Playstore. But where’s the fun in that? If you want to have access to the fun additional features, then download the modified version. To download the Mod APK version of the game. Follow the given steps:

CarX Street mod apk installation steps
Installation Steps

1. Use the Download button to download the file. Click on the file and press on install, and the installation will begin.

2. When the download is complete, open the file manager and click on the downloaded APK to start the installation. It may ask you to enable installation from an unknown source. To enable, Go to settings and open ‘Unknown Sources’ or ‘ Third Party Sources’ and enable it.

3. As the installation process completes, you can now open the game.

4. Enjoy Racing!


How to Download Carx Street Mod APK?

The downloading process is fairly easy. You can check out our blog and download it from the link given above.

Is Carx Street Mod APK compatible with IOS devices?

Yes, Carx Technologies LLC has launched the game for IOS devices. You can download CarX Street Mod APK for iOS.

How much storage does Carx Street Mod APK require?

To download Carx Street, you will need storage space of up to 2GB. The download file is 1.1GB.

Can I change the language in Carx Street Mod APK?

Yes, to change language in the Carx Street mod APK , press the right arrow three times to find game controls. Scroll through the options with your arrow keys to find your desired language.

Is Carx Street Mod APK available for Android devices?

Yes, You can download the APK from this blog.

How can I record my CarX Street gameplay?

To record you can use Android built-in screen recorder or any other recorder that you can download from Playstore. If you further want to edit the gameplay you can use alight motion pro apk.


Carx Street Mod APK is an amazing street racing game that is not far from reality. Its realistic approach and friendly user interface have gained this game immense popularity amongs racers. You will surely enjoys its diverse playing modes and a huge variety of your favorite sports cars. What are you waiting for? Travel the world and race to your heart’s content. Download now.

Updated June 26, 2024