Carx street Mod APK iOS

CarX Street Mod APK iOS

  • 1.3.3
rating icon Ratings 4.5 (1.9k reviews)
os icon Op. System iOS
download icon Size 1.2GB
category icon Category Game
language icon Language English + 5 more
author icon Author CarX Technologies
price icon Price Free
date icon Date May 30, 2024


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Do car games with realistic graphics and excellent physics excite you to no limit? Then it’s time to install Carx Street on your device. The extraordinary graphics of this game will keep you hooked for several hours while offering a unique gaming experience. 

However, jumping to high levels in this game isn’t easy, given the challenging levels. You can only cross the obstacles by spending money on in-game purchases, which require real money. However, you must stop stressing as we have an alternate solution to it. You can install Carx Street MOD APK IOS and get unlimited cash in your account to become a champion player of this game. 

Let’s dig into more details about the modded version of this game and its mind blowing features without further delay.

Are the features same on Android and iOS?

The Carx Street game comprises exciting features that make it one of the finest racing games. However, you are required to pay real cash to enjoy its premium aspects. In that case, the MOD features come in handy. 

The modded version of the game offers unlimited money to buy your favorite car models without any restrictions. The best part is that you can now play this game on your iPhone or iPad as well. Yes, all the features would be the same as that of android. 

Carx Street Mod Features

Exciting Game Modes 

The top exceptional feature of Carx Street APk is its multiple thrilling game modes. They are interesting enough to keep you hooked on the screen for the longest time. 

Let’s briefly explore them. 

  • Career Mode

The exciting element of this game mode is that it lets you explore new car models and racing tracks. Moreover, you can also upgrade your existing vehicles’ parts, like engines, tires, etc., to ensure competing with maximum power. An upgraded car is necessary to stay ahead of your opponents in all rounds, regardless of the difficulty level. 

  • Time Trial Mode

This mode is all about time. You will race alone and play to beat your best race-finishing time here. In fact, you can also compete with the time of other real-time players to grab a top spot on the leaderboard. Besides a single-player mode, you can also indulge in multiplayer races where you will compete against other players, and the fastest to reach the finishing line wins. 

  • Drift Mode

It’s one of the most exciting yet challenging modes of the game. You must learn the art of drifting in narrow spaces and completing milestones by overcoming all the obstacles in your way. It could be your opponents’ cars, rocks, speed breakers, or literally anything. Maintaining balance is the key to becoming a champion of this mode. 

Besides trying out these exciting aspects of the gameplay, you can also utilize the practice mode and improve your skills to give a tough fight. Want to experience similar adrenaline rush while riding a bike? Try Traffic Rider MOD APK.

Variety of Car Models 

This game is heaven for car enthusiasts as it features several models to race on. Moreover, the excellent graphics give everything a realistic touch, making you feel like you are driving those luxury vehicles in reality. There are multiple customization opportunities as well. After purchasing your favorite car, you can upgrade its motor, wheels, and rim for better performance. 

Besides road racing, this game lets you drive your car in another dimension, i.e., air. You can purchase a flying car and test your skills floating in clouds. It’s an exciting element that keeps players hooked on this game. 

Open-World Environment 

If you think your gameplay will be limited to a dull racing track, then you’re wrong. Since Carx Street MOD APK IOS is the epitome of interesting elements, it’d not let you get bored. For that purpose, you can use anything, including deserts, mountains, rivers, beaches, etc., as a racing track to satisfy your excitement. 

Unlimited Money 

To keep up with the game’s pace, you must frequently upgrade your vehicle and buy high-quality models. If not, your opponents will have the edge over you, leaving you with constant losses. 

For that purpose, you will need a lot of in-game money. Everything demands a lot of cash from having new cars to upgrading the current ones. Although winning races gets you money, it’s not enough to become a racer with one of the best cars in the game. However, you shouldn’t worry much, as downloading the Carx Street MOD APK IOS will completely solve this problem. 

You would never run out of money with its unlimited cash feature. This modded version is exceptionally best for users who can’t afford to pay several bucks to enjoy this game’s premium features. It’s free to install and offers never-ending gameplay of this thriller game.  You’ll get unlimited money just like in Car parking multiplayer mod apk.

How to install Carx Street Mod APK iOS?

Most people have a misconception that modded files are only for Android users. However, it’s a myth, and you can successfully play Carx Street MOD APK on your iPhone or iPad by following a few simple steps we have mentioned below. 

CarX Street mod APK iOS Installation
Installation Process

1. First of all, Download the CarX Street Mod APK using the above download button.

2. After the file downloads, launch File Manager and locate it. 

3. Now click on the Carx Street MOD APK IOS file to start its installation. Give it a few minutes, and Carx Street, with unlimited features, is ready to play. 

However, in a few cases, a popup may appear saying you can’t download the file from third-party sources. Follow the below tip to troubleshoot it. 

  • Launch Settings on your Apple device. 
  • Select Privacy and trust CarX Street Technologies.
  • Continue installing the file according to the steps mentioned above.


Carx Street is a perfect game to explore if you love playing racing genre games. Moreover, to double-fold its exciting element, you can download Carx Street MOD IOS which comes with exceptional features like unlimited money. 

With never-ending cash, your position in the game will also be stronger as you can buy cars that deliver the highest performance on the racing tracks. Hence, don’t think much and download Carx Street MOD APK IOS right away to explore this game to its fullest.


How many levels are there in Carx Street MOD APK IOS?

There are a total of 30 levels in this game. You will need a lot of focus to reach the max level of this game, as it requires almost 67 thousand XP points. Moreover, the difficulty level keeps increasing as you cross the initial mods.

Hence, downloading Carx Street MOD APK IOS can make your journey to the last level easier. With its unlimited money, you can buy high-performance vehicles and cross all the levels by showcasing exceptional driving skills.

Can I play Carx Street MOD APK IOS without the internet?

Yes, you can enjoy this game without a stable internet connection. However, you won’t be able to participate in multiplayer races in this scenario.

How to unlock cars in Carx Street MOD APK IOS?

You can follow the below steps to unlock and purchase new cars with unlimited money.

  • Launch the game and wait for its main screen to load. 
  • Now tap on the Car Showroom. 
  • A new tab will appear with several car models that you can purchase. Besides the model name, you can also see the price of these vehicles beneath their image. 
  • Tap on whatever car you want to purchase without worrying about running out of money. Thanks to the game’s modded version, you can buy as many vehicles as you wish.

Is it possible to get unlimited money in CarX Street on Android?

Yes, to get on Android you can download the CarX Street mod apk.

Updated May 30, 2024