Carx street Mod APK PC

CarX Street Mod APK for PC

  • 1.3.3
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os icon Op. System Windows
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language icon Language English + 5 more
author icon Author CarX Technologies
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date icon Date May 30, 2024


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Get ready for a passionate adventure of street racing, where you will experience the unlimited thrill of realistic physics that will blow up your mind. In a space where you have so many RPG-playing options, Carx Street Mod APK for PC rules all of them out with its incredible and viable features. Carx Street is a wonderful space to test your driving skill, manage your controls and understand car physics without any fear of damage or loss.

CarX Street PC

The prominent characteristic of Carx Street that makes it the most downloaded game among several others is its unlimited gameplay. You can play all day, every day, and there will still be levels left to be unlocked. With uninterrupted focus, passion for racing, and strong leading strength will make you fall in love with this gaming masterpiece.

You can now download Carx Street Mod APK on your PC to broaden your gaming experience. The Mod APK comes with in-game purchases and unlimited challenges that will earn you bonus points. 

Then, what are you waiting for? Learn more about its exceptional features and helpful tips and tricks to become a pro player. 

Gameplay Background

Carx Street is an exhilarating racing game that involves several twisting challenges. The detailed gameplay and unbelievably realistic physics will leave you stunned. The game is about taking control of your car seat and traveling through different cities and countries. The twist is you will not have any prior experience in racing on these unknown tracks, which will be a little challenging for you. 

The main focus should be to outsmart other players to bring the trophy home. You will have more than 40 car options to choose from. Look out for the hurdles and keep a hard focus on the game to pass the challenge successfully. Try different racing stunts and speed through the track to reach the finish line in the first place. Different gaming modes and role playing will keep you satisfied for a long time.

CarX Street Mod APK PC Features

Unlimited Gameplay

If you think you will play the whole game in one day, then my friend, you have so much to learn. Carx Street has unlimited gameplay. Meaning you can unlock the level as you progress to the previous one. Let me tell you, it is not easy to pass higher levels quickly. So, don’t worry about finishing the game fast, as you will have sufficient levels to progress.

3 Dimensional Physics 

The developers have done an extraordinary job in creating 3- dimensional graphics which portray every action dramatically. Every turn and every collision will feel super realistic. If you want a serious action game then you should try Power Warriors Mod APK.

Various Car Types 

There are various cars specified for different racing styles. In sprint racing, RWD and AWD cars are appropriate as they are fast enough to make the player match winner. For drift racing, RWD cars work best to perform major drifts.

Show Your Style Through Customization 

In Carx Street, you will meet racers from around the world with their jaw breaking cars. Here’s your chance to showcase yourself through your car’s appearance. Make it unique and flavorful to catch everyone’s eye. The Interior of the vehicle is as important as the exterior. You should make sure to add the best engines and solid tires to endure every hurdle in its way. 

Exciting Role-Plays 

To add spice to your uninterrupted gaming, Carx Street has introduced various gaming modes where you will have certain tasks, rules, and rewards. Each gaming mode is created with detailed graphics and an accurate storyline. Explore every mode and enjoy the rush each round brings.

Tips & Tricks

As a beginner, you will face numerous hurdles in having a grip on the game. Although the game has easy controls, you will still need some close guidance to level up your game. Here we will share with you the insider’s tips and tricks that will, without a doubt, help you in the long run.

Learn Your Map

This is the most crucial step, as you can never make smooth progress if you don’t know where to go. Sunset city in Carx Street has four zones. Industrial zone, Suburb, Midtown, and Port. Look at different routes and figure out the fastest route that can take you to your destination.

Know Your Legends

The legends include houses, gas stations, upgrade shops, and customizing shops. All stations and shops will serve you during the race. In the house, you can leave your car in the garage and change to another one in no time. Whereas the gas station will come in handy to refill the gas tanks at the time of need. You can also access fuel for sports cars and nitro from the gas station. The option to tune your car parts or give a paint upgrade is also available.

Earn Silver

Silver will help you throughout the game so make sure to look out for opportunities that will make you earn them. Earning silver is not that hard. You will get several chances to drift, show stunt, and many other races that will make you silver.

Know Your Cars

Knowing your car is the most significant tip. Make sure to choose the right model according to your need, as that will help you with various racing types. After choosing a car, always ride it a few times to have a better understanding of its statistics. Using the new car for the first time will trouble you with its controls. While choosing the right car is important, upgrading it accordingly is even more significant. If your car is up to date, you will have more advantage at winning.

Here’s how to install CarX Street Mod APK PC

How to install CarX Street Mod APK on PC
Installation Process

In order to download and install Carx Street Mod APK for PC, follow the given steps carefully.

1. Install BlueStacks

1. Download and Install Bluestacks Android Emulator.
2. After its installation, fill out the Google sign-in form to get access to the Play Store.

2. Install CarX Street Mod on PC

1. Download the APK file. Download Now

2. After downloading, Open the file with BlueStacks to install it.

3. All Done! You can now enjoy racing.


If role playing games are your cup of tea, then you will surely enjoy the modded version of Carx Street Mod APK. As long as you keep the target within your eyes, you can win as many challenges as possible. Surprise yourself by adding your touch to cars with the customizing feature. There are never ending levels with challenging tracks that are waiting for you to race on them.

Carx Technologies LLC has done an amazing job in providing an out of the world street racing environment. Moreover, after iOS and Android, this game will now be available to download on a PC. To make your gaming experience exciting, make sure to download Carx Street Mod APK on your PCs.  For those who are looking to explore a similar experience, I recommend trying out Car Parking Multiplayer MOD APK.


How to download Carx Street Mod APK on my PC?

To install Carx Street mod APK on PC, you’ll need an android emulator as you can not install APK files directly on the pc. The Bluestacks requires Intel or AMD Processor, 4GB RAM and 5 GB Space. The CarX Street is around 2GB After installation. So overall, you’ll need 7 to 8 GB of disk space to run the game smoothly.

Is Carx Street mod APK free for PC?

You can download CarX Street Mod APK from this website. It is 100% free. After downloading, simply open the file in an Android emulator to begin the installation process of the game. As it installs, You’ll be able to play.

Why do I need Bluestacks for installation?

You can directly install the CarX Street Mod APK on Android. But for PC, you’ll need to install an Android emulator such as Bluestacks because PC can not run APK files. You can also try PPSSPP Gold APK as an alternative to Bluestacks.

Updated May 30, 2024