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  • 1.3.3
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Racing Games
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4.4 (3,258 Reviews)
CarX Technologies, LLC
What’s New
1. CRN Car
2. Car Delivery business
3. Collect CarX emblems
4. Open/Close front lights
5. Improved Opening tutorial
May 30, 2024

Old Versions of CarX Street

CarX Street is a great game for racing games lovers. After the iOS version of the game was released, fans waited a long time for its Android launch. CarX Street is now available on Android, so prove you are a legend in the open world of CarX Street. The game gives you the freedom to explore any map and any car because there are no limits or rules.

As a game developed by the same developers as CarX Drift Racing, this game demonstrates their quality work and dedication to game enthusiasts.

CarX Street Features

1. Buying House

CarX Street offers you the chance to buy houses. The houses are not free but do cost money in the game. House prices are also determined by the location. For example, houses at the port are cheaper while houses on the mountain can be more expensive.

The first mission of the game also involves buying a house for free in Seattle. The house has a parking lot where you can store your cars. Alice keeps guiding you towards the next game task.

2. Fuel and Gas Station

The same as when you fill up your cars with gas in real life, you cannot let them run out of gas. So, you need to go to the fuel station and get the fuel filled. In addition, you have to pay for the fuel. In the map, you will find a number of fuel stations that are labelled. Whenever you plan on going on a long drive, it is recommended that you fill up with gas first.

3. Car Tuning

If you want to customize your car, you can go to a tuning shop. When it comes to racing, a tuned car can really make a huge difference. The type of tuning you choose for your car will also depend on what you want it to achieve for you. 

If you want a grip, then you have to use different types of customizations, and similarly if you want a drifting experience, you have to use different customizations as well. Upgrades can be made to engines, gearboxes, transmissions, bodies, suspensions, and wheels.

4. Maps

The game has a huge map. It’s a really detailed map. You’ll see pretty road textures, trees, decorations, and road signs. There are 6 maps in total. Those are the Lighthouse, Mountain Drive, Port, Industrial, Midtown, and Lake Valley.

There are nice faces on the buildings, trees with texture, and you’ll see people walking along the roads, which makes the map look real. In each section you will find a lot of detail, like in a building you will see proper windows and a stunning front view.

5. Play with friends

There is an opportunity for you to challenge your friends in CarX Street in order to showcase your driving skills. In order to enjoy the gaming experience smoothly, the friends should have a vehicle of the same class and be on the same server. Ensure that your status is online as well. 

If you want to win the competition, you need a better car than your friend. When playing the game, make sure to use nitro and turbo.

How to install CarX Street APK

The CarX Street installs just like any other Android app. It involves a simple process. You can install the game by following these steps:

CarX Street APK installation steps
Installation Steps

1. Click the above download button to download the CarX Street APK file.

2. Install the game by tapping the downloaded file and following the on-screen instructions.

3. Make sure Chrome has access to install files from Unknown Sources. Go to Settings and enable it if it doesn’t already have it.


What are the requirements for CarX Street APK?

For a smooth experience with CarX Street, 8 GB of RAM is recommended. In the same way, Android 9 is required to install this game.

Why is CarX Street crashing?

Usually the problem occurs when you press gear, and it’s specific to one or a few cars. It would be enough to change that car, and the problem would be solved.

Is it possible to get my CarX banned account back?

You can only get the account back by emailing them. Log into your account in the game and you should see a message stating that you’ve been banned. Simply click on Support and you will be taken to the mail app. You can send them an email and they will respond.

Is there a CarX Street mod available?

There is a modded version available. It offers unlimited money, speed, and a wide range of cars. You can install CarX Street Mod APK if you’re interested. 


There is no doubt that Carx technologies has raised the bar on mobile racing games. There is no other game on the market of this level, especially for mobile phones. CarX Street’s high end graphics and realistic physics make it one of the top Android racing games.

There is a huge map that the players can explore, which is extremely realistic. Additionally, you can customize every aspect of your car. With the powerful engines, wheels, and other components, you can drive your car at 400 mph.

Install the CarX Street APK by clicking the above downloaded button and following the above instructions. If there is an update released, you can come back to this page and download the APK again. You will be able to update your game to the latest version by installing the file.

Updated May 30, 2024