Best Racing Games for Android

Racing games have a tremendous fan following throughout the world. Therefore, there is a never ending list of racing games available on the internet. In this blog, we’ll be providing some of the top 10 racing games that have been trending on the internet.

CarX Street

Carx Technologies LLC has taken RPG to another level. The game is the latest hit because of its extensive and forward features. Carx Street has made street racing ten times more fun and eventful. The game incorporates a wide range of top notch car models with ultra modern fast-track specifications featuring universally popular sports cars. Carx Street is much more than speedy cars as it provides racers to travel the world and experience racing on vast tracks with the game’s open world environment feature. 

Another amazing feature about Carx Street is its detailed and impressive map that serves the players to look around for the fastest routes to have better chances at winning. The map incorporates elements like houses, gas stations, and tuning shops. Carx Street has an exceptional customizing option to keep your vehicles race ready and up to date. The multiple gaming modes, from casual mode to police mode, are highly addictive with their own set of challenges and rules. The uncertainty of racing tracks and the thrill of winning will take you heaps forward. Racing enthusiasts can choose from day and night themes to enhance their racing experience in different cities. Carx Street is one of the best role playing games among several top names.

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CarX Drif Racing 2

Carx Drifting 2 is the latest launch after the successful release of previous Carx games. Carx Drifting 2 is not a simple cut to chase racing game; it involves extreme drifting skills and a powerful speeding strategy to overtake your nearest opponent slyly. Following the steps of the previous comprehensive gameplay with a twist of having a two player option. The aim is to dodge your opponents and take as many turns as possible to avoid close collisions. In Carx Drifting 2, each race will have top rewards and achievements awards which will earn them money. As playing in brutal and important tournaments, players will require top-notch cars to stand a significant position in the race. 

Car upgrade is essential for better performance which is why customization options are available. Players can change from car engines to car colors and much more. Make sure to make wise decisions in upgrading car parts, as it will directly affect the car’s performance. Although there are not many modes in Carx Drifting 2 to choose from, they will indirectly affect your winning chances. The before and after modes are basically you choosing who will move forward. As you progress, the higher levels will get very challenging to pass. The roads will get twisted, and only strong steering skills and calm and calculated action will let you win the race. The game will be full of nerves, so heaps of practice sessions will come in handy during playtime. Similarly, CarX Highway Racing MOD APK offers a similar experience to enjoy as it’s built by the same company CarX Technologies.

Asphalt 9 Legends

Asphalt 9: Legends has been stealing the hearts of diehard racers with its impeccable features. The game has every element a true racer can hope for. Do you have what it takes to be a true legend? Can you take a daring challenge and win it?  Asphalt is known for creating super realistic and on-point graphics. The rush is real. The Gameloft developers have promised to give their passionate racers the ride of their life. Every sprint, curve, and bump will give you goosebumps. 

Besides providing an authentic racing experience with its advanced visuals and dramatic audio, you will get to choose your dream car from a series of the world’s most famous sports cars. With having access to unlimited levels, exhilarating challenges, and daring opponents, you will never get bored. Multiple gaming modes and easy touch controls give confidence to the racer to take control of the wheel and show off their phenomenal skills.

A professional racer with a winning attitude and an incredible strategy will make them an ultimate winner. The game is also popular on TikTok 18, where you can upload videos and gain a significant following. 

CSR Racing 2

CSR Racing 2 is all about the best cars. The most speedy, powerful, and sleek car will win the race. Natural Motion Games Ltd has come forward with a few new upgrades, which involve the ability of the players to build their own cars from scratch. However, there is a whole range of star studded sports cars available for you to choose from as per your racing demands. Not only will you be able to access the world’s best vintage cars, but you can change their appearance too. Exciting, isn’t it? 

Moreover, CSR Racing 2 offers multiple gaming modes to keep you entertained throughout the game. Each level is very intricate and can easily become an extreme pressure situation with one missed timing. Racing is all about timing and calculated moves. So, make sure to keep your head focused and your timing right to have an eventful experience. To master the tricks of winning, practice with different car models and apply distinct techniques to get that perfect shot. The upgrade system is pretty advanced in CSR Racing 2. You will be given a blueprint for better insight in intoking decisions regarding changing the car parts.

Need for Speed: No Limits

If you can endure the fast and furious extremities, then there are no limits for you to let your inner leash out. Need for Speed: No Limits is all about being gutsy and fearless. This will be an intense mouth to mouth chase as once you are on the road there is no turning back! The trick is to get a car with the supreme specification that will help you in life and death situations. There are multiple gaming modes in Need for Speed: No Limits. Each is unique and thrilling in its own way. In rival races, you will be chasing your opponents’ and friends’ ghosts for a limited time. Once the timer ends, your car will either get a place in your garage in case of winning, or you’ll lose it.

There are several events where you can showcase your driving skills and test your car’s specifications. These events have several levels, which get tougher as you progress. Campaign mode is the most played and addictive story mode. It will have many events that have a handsome reward at the end. Police chase will be a common factor in each mode. Once you are caught over speeding or breaking laws, you will find yourself in a cat and mouse chase with the cops. In this scenario, you should take shortcuts and sharp curves or lead them to the wrong alley to evade them. 

Horizon Chase

Horizon Chase is one of the 10 best racing games in the retro genre. With its attractive gameplay and easy control system, it has gotten quite a bit of a fan following. The Horizon Chase has an outstanding colorful graphics that reminds us of the tracks used back in the day. The 3 Dimensional visuals and on-point audio intensify the scene immensely. Like many other racing games, you will get access to choose the best racing cars that are compatible with your racing mode. Moreover, you can customize it and bring your own touch to the car’s exterior.

Racing games are fun when played with your friends. In Horizon Chase, you can choose a multiplayer option and challenge your friends for guaranteed enjoyment. The game offers several tournaments and challenges to spice up your daily races. In Horizon Chase, you will experience the burning sun, volcanic eruptions, and whatnot. Are you ready to face such tracks under these circumstances? With offering more than 40 cities, 8 championship tournaments, and 73 advanced racing tracks, you are in for a great time.

Nitro Nation

Nitro Nation is ready to put your drifting skills in check. Do you enjoy overspeeding your vehicles on endless roads? Get ready for an exciting adventure where you’ll be facing your rivals. Outsmart them with your experience and controlled moves. Nitro Nation will provide you with an opportunity and space to make friends and choose your crew. To make a permanent position at the top of the leaderboard, make sure to perform flawlessly. On winning, you will receive a Gold Elite division. Nitro Nation has a huge variety of 100 vehicles that are powerful and speedy.

If you feel a need to upgrade, you will have more than 33 advanced upgrading options to choose from. Consider high horsepower and strong components when upgrading. Winning certain challenges will earn you new racing tracks. Interesting, right? Remember, your overall performance matters with speed. Together with these elements, you’ll find victory close enough. You can also challenge your friends to a friendly game. Nitro nation is available to play both online and offline.

Hill Climb Racing 2

Hill Climb Racing 2 is a super easy and light-hearted game. It is completely the choice of the player to choose their characters. All you have to do is get in your car and get as far as you can in the fastest time.  In terms of customization, there are so many cute options from headwear to hairstyles and much more. You can even make your character have famous celebrities’ hair, such as Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, or Ninja. You will have new clothing options as you unlock new levels. Showcase your character’s bibe by adding unique accessories. 

Hill Climb Racing 2 features various weather conditions and difficult situations, which makes the gameplay interesting. For this reason, you will need the best vehicle possible. Fortunately, the game has loads of cars, from casual to supreme to luxurious. Upgrading the car is very important for good performance, and Hill Climb Racing 2 has more than 14 different components. With various gaming modes and easy gameplay, you will surely enjoy playing this game during your mini breaks and during your commute.

GRID Autosport

GRID Autosport comes side to side among the list of top best racing games with incredible graphics. The developers have done an amazing job in upgrading tracks and adding some of the coolest cars to their list. The upgraded tracks will keep you inclined throughout the game as you try to figure out the bumps and curves of the track. Managing these curves with super high speed will be a real deal, so practice a lot with your moves.  The games will be intensely competitive, so be prepared to give your all. You can play it both online and offline. 

Moreover, you can invite your friends to play together, or you can choose professional racers as your opponents to make things interesting. Having a focused mindset and control over your speed will help you tremendously in winning these games.

Real Racing 3

Real Racing 3 is going to be a real treat for passionate racers who would love to have the world’s best luxurious cars in their use.  Real Racing 3 offers wide roads and multiple opportunities to drive their sports car at an inhumane speed. The hype is real as it is majorly compared with fan winning Asphalt games. The developers have put an effort into providing real life stimulation in the game. The 3 Dimensional graphics makes overtaking your opponents amazing.

The controls of the game are pretty accessible, and with a slight tilt, you can navigate the directions. There will be tons of challenges and tournaments for you to excel in your skills.

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Updated April 28, 2024